jeudi 8 mai 2014

Le livre de Mats Lewan sur Rossi et la fusion froide

Le journaliste Suédois Mats Lewan a publié un livre : "An impossible invention" sur la découverte de Rossi. Il retrace toute cette aventure, et donne de nombreux détails inconnus jusqu'ici. C'est un ouvrage passionnant écrit comme un roman qui nous tient en haleine tout au long de la lecture.

Vous pouvez vous procurer ce livre en format papier ou en ebook à :

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  1. Publié dans NyTeknik le 10 juin 2014 13:07 traduit par Google du suedois en anglais

    "Cold fusion is contrary to scientific knowledge"

    Why anyone would give Andrea Rossi's credibility in the form of scientific reports is a mystery. His projects show clear warning flag, writes Ulrika Björkstén, director of science editors of the Swedish Radio.

    The Andrea Rossi energy catalyst is scam is of course impossible to know. It is basically a scientific impossibility to prove that an effect does not exist.

    And yes, it is science's duties to have an open and inquisitive mind. Sometimes it is discovered entirely new and unexpected mechanisms that revolutionizes our view of existence.

    Universities and university researchers have a special status in our society. It's about institutions and individuals through tax revenues translated to manage and develop our collective knowledge bank. It is by taxes we paid for training of researchers, university infrastructure and the liberal graduate hours.

    So there is every reason in a democracy to protect the universities and university researchers' unique position. But this specificity also implies obligations. We have a right to expect that those who operate with universities as a basis employs a scientific approach. For what are we supposed to need to rely more on university researchers' expertise than someone else's?

    New Technology call our examination thin. We have spoken to a wide range of sources in Italy - judges, lawyers, technical experts and people affected by Rossi's previous activities. We also gave Andrea Rossi himself the opportunity to comment, but he has declined.

    As for Andrea Rossi's alleged invention, so has our review showed that there are four clear warning flags that together provide the picture that the scientists who devote themselves to help him examine his machine hardly takes his scientific responsibility:

    He has no formal training in the relevant fields.
    His energy catalyst is claimed to work through some form of cold fusion, LENR, or whatever one chooses to term effect. It is a reaction which in this case is contrary to previous scientific knowledge and an area that has a history of a long list of alleged breakthrough that could not be confirmed.
    He has a criminal record history related to an earlier alleged inventions in the field of energy.
    He refuses to let anyone look into the secret drawer and examine what's really happening there.
    Andrea Rossi 's former prison condemned is of course not in itself reason to forever distrust him. But it is a very relevant piece of the puzzle, along with the other three points above, especially as the judges are linked to business with many parallels to his actions regarding the alleged energy catalyzer.

    Several studies also provide strong evidence that Andrea Rossi's claims are not true, including the isotopic analysis carried out at the Natural History Museum (under which no nuclear reaction with nickel involved has occurred) and the measurement made ​​by the SP, Technical Research Institute, on a visit to Bologna (no excess energy was measured).

    What are the reasons to give Andrea Rossi's credibility in the form of scientific reports, however, a mystery.

    Ulrika Björkstén Head of Science editorial, Swedish Radio

    1. En science, il faut être ouvert et prudent, je ne sais pas si Andrea Rossi a produit le générateur dont il parle. Néanmoins, je ne suis pas d'accord avec Ulrika Björkstén. La fusion froide a été vérifiée et revérifiée de très nombreuses fois.

      Attendons encore un peu pour savoir si Andrea Rossi a raison ou s'est trompé.

      Jean-Paul Biberian


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